About Display Lighting

Displaylighting.com was started to provide the highest quality display lighting solutions to museums, art studios , art aficionados and private art collectors. Many of the options currently available in the display lighting market do not fully light pictures, use to much electricity or are to much of a hassle to install. The two flagship products offered by displaylighting.com solve all of those problems, and are custom manufactured in the United States. Lexslim and Lexpro are the highest quality custom made to order picture display lights and are available in many different lengths.


Our Products

We offer various display lighting solutions including Lexpro, Lexslim, LED lights and display lights. All of our products are made to order in our state of the art NY manufacturing facility. We have been manufacturing the highest quality display lighting products for the past 30 years. We manufacture products based on our customers display lighting needs. Our products have been designed with the most discerning art tastes in mind and are not massed produced. Our products have been covered by the New York Times and have been featured in Royal Collection. If our display lighting is good enough for the queen of England, imagine how well it will beautify your artwork!



Displaylighting.com manufactures lighting solutions for museums all over the world. Our display lights have been used in museums to light photos documents and all different types of artwork.


Art Galleries

Displaylighting.com specializes in manufacturing art display lighting for art galleries all over the world. Art galleries use our display lighting to beautify their pictures and artwork in the most tasteful way.