Lexslim is a unique picture display light, like no other available on the market today. Lexslim is a narrow 1”x1” picture light that utilizes custom manufactured LED lights. The entire light can be maneuvered by hand to enhance your artwork at various lighting angles. To ensure that the artwork is displayed evenly, the LED’S lights are spaced 4-6 inches apart depending on the size of the painting.

Lexslim is custom made to order for each specific painting, and is manufactured in the United states.The color of the light is 2700K, which is the preferred lighting level for lighting art work. The LED’s are fixed in Lexslim head. Lexslim incorporates a unique quick connect arm design which can be mounted on the wall or on the pictures frame. Lexslim’s quick connect arm can be used to change the height of the light track to enhance the lighting experience.

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